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Museum of Sports Launches Radio Show We’re Talkin’ Memories & Memorabilia. Now on WWDB 860AM.

News Release March 6, 2019

Contact: Lou Scheinfeld 215-651-7510

The Museum of Sports is in its Third Year, now on WWDB 860am and on Facebook.

If there’s one thing Philly’s crazed sports fans cherish more than their teams and stars, it’s their memories and collections.

Throwback Jerseys are worn with fierce pride and fans pay steep prices to buy game-worn uniforms, gear, old programs and whatnot and get them signed by their heroes. It’s all about their first game with dad or cutting school to see that championship parade.

That’s why The Museum of Sports is kicking off a weekly show March 7 on 610/ESPN Thursdays at 4-5 pm. Call-in number is 888-728-9941.

“We’ve been working to build a sports museum for the millions of area fans and are excited to get on the air Thursdays from 4 to 5 pm to talk to celebrities and fans, said Museum president Lou Scheinfeld, who will co-host the show along with sports guru Chuck Bushbeck and Emmy-winning broadcaster Doug Shimell.

“We’re thrilled that Bryce Harper is here, said Scheinfeld, “but we’re more interested in that day in the early 40’s when the Phillies gave Olney High’s Del Ennis a 71/2 cent token to ride to Shibe Park for a tryout. Guests on the inaugural show (March 7) include Flyers' legend Bernie Parent and former Eagle and Channel 10 Broadcaster Vai Sikahema.

“We’ll delve into their history,” said Bushbeck, an author, speaker and former USFL star and MLB scout, “and ask them to share personal stuff about interacting with Philly’s famous fans and their early experiences in the world of sports. Fans will talk about the Eagles’ Super Bowl win forever. What about seeing the Birds at Shibe Park in the 50’s or Wilt at Overbrook High?”

“We are all walking museums of sports,” commented Shimell, a veteran TV journalist who’s chased tornadoes, rooted out corruption and performed off Broadway. “This is an incredible sports town with fans who stormed Franklin Field and grabbed a piece of the goal post at the 1960 Eagles NFL Championship game, ripped out a seat at Connie Mack Stadium’s last game in 1970 or caught the home run ball from Mike Schmidt’s rookie year. I can’t wait to get this show on the air and get their stories!”

Sam Speiser, general manager at Beasley Media Group, said, “We think this is a hot button show that will resonate with regional fans, and are really looking forward to establishing it as a strong addition to our lineup of great sports shows.”

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